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How to Build the Worst Possible 19.5M Team

How to Build the Worst Possible 19.5M Team


How to Build the Worst Possible 19.5M Team

The SBA has built a system where the salary cap is a very real consideration for general managers. We see each season players being pushed out of teams they were drafted to because the cap won’t allow the team to keep the band together. Specific examples are easy to find but the one I was personally involved with was the group in Miami featuring Iasan McDougall, Pablo, BFT, Al Maseri and Pan. This core developed together and had multiple deep runs but I, Pan, was forced out due to the cap when everyone hit “prime” contracts. Eventually we brought the band back together once both Al Maseri and Pablo had hit regression and entered the veteran part of the cap system. The cap matters.

The approach different General Managers take on how to handle the cap varies immensely. We have seen very top heavy teams which are forced to play fillers in the starting five to fit under cap and we’ve seen incredibly deep teams of veterans mixed with young players. However I’m not here to look into how General Managers build their teams, I’m here to build the worst team possible while hitting 19.5M in cap spending. Aka a 101 on how to not handle the salary cap.


Here is how I will approach this.

1) Prime contracts only. Prime is the most expensive period for $ per TPE. So everyone on rookie or veteran contracts will be excluded.

2) People who barely enter new TPE brackets. Again bad $ per TPE is what I’m looking for.

3) Finally non-optimal builds will have to play a part. Looking at players who ignore physicals, fouling (aka more time for fillers to play) and perhaps anyone who heavily focuses Jump Shot. Obviously this is subjective.

I’m taking all TPE numbers from SBAO as of 10AM EST on September 11th.

I’m basing all salary cap numbers on the cap breakdown provided in the Rule Book.

I’m also making this to personally insult everyone included so you should 100% be very upset.

First off someone I strongly considered for the team was someone people would not expect… Dzifa Dogbe. See while Dogbe is one of the best players in the league he is also one of the most expensive, at 6M and is only 50 TPE above the 5.5M category. He also is a freak which start out with less TPE. Finally with such high defensive stats, 99 blocking and 96 stealing, his 90 fouling could mean a lot of fouls… but in the end I felt that having your best player at C is too good. So he did not make the team.

I also wanted to make a team where I had a filler PG but I found it too difficult to find players to fill the high salary spots who were not incredible players. So that dream died. In the end I settled on making a starting 5 out of the 19.5 million and having zero depth beyond that. In other words they get fouled out… they are replaced by fillers.

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