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SCOR Rolls Out Changes: Playoffs & Relegation to come

SCOR Rolls Out Changes: Playoffs & Relegation to come

As the season finale rolls upon us, big changes are in the works for next season in SCOR.  Rumblings have been heard in regards to the current points structure and noted is the lack of competition in the face of domination.  While this season has had its shuffling, measures being taken are to prevent future seasons of less than competitive seasons. 

Dating to prior seasons before our recent launch we had various championships decided at the 3/4 mark of the season.  Since we can’t control the luck aspect of one driver having 60 in their engine and getting Top 5s, while another has the same rating and fails to finish in the Top 20… We have been brainstorming a couple alterations. 

SCOR Playoff Madness

In saying this, the reason we adopted only a 12-race season this season was to prepare for either a schedule expansion or a format alteration.  I, specifically, have flirted with the idea of a “Chase” system.  It was a matter of figuring out the programming from the standings point and how that would work.  Well, it is ready. 

In Season 2, we will expand to a 16-race schedule with the 4 additional races representing a playoff format.  The first 12 races of the season will constitute the “regular season”.  The top 12 drivers plus any driver with a victory at the conclusion of the 12 races will advance to the playoff format.  All drivers will still race in each race, but the points will reflect the Top 12 drivers receiving additional points. 

At the conclusion of the 12th race, the Top 12* will be reset as outlined below.  In addition, each win will net drivers with five bonus points to add to their total.  It is likely that the points leader after the regular season to not have the lead at the start of the playoffs.  While this knowingly will bring questions, what this is to accomplish is keep the excitement rolling throughout the season and also bring some excitement to Race Days!

SCOR Playoff Reset – Based off Regular Season Standings

1st – 3,000

2nd thru 5th – 2,990

6th thru 10th – 2,980

11th thru 12th* – 2,970

* Will include also any driver who wins a race yet finishes outside the Top 12 in regular season points.

Season Relegation

One of the biggest variables is always governing growth and when drivers go up and when to stay down.  It is a fine line to determine when enough is enough at the lower tiers.  Yes, I pluralized that for a reason.  We are committed to this growth.  Tabling other ideas and focusing on strictly SCOR’s success the last two months has been the only goal of mine.

Starting Season 2, the SCOR T1 (Top Tier) will only run 35 drivers (Meaning we will see the bottom 5 drivers in this season’s standings automatically relegated to minimize the field to 35).  It opens up the array of focused tracks and allows for 7 full teams of five drivers on the circuit.  What this means is that the bottom seven drivers of Tier 1 will be Relegation eligible, while the the top seven drivers of Tier 2 will be Relegation eligible.  For clarification sake relegation eligible doesn’t specifically mean a driver will be relegated. 

Due to garage ownership of each driver, a garage must have a 1 for 1 eligibility in order for relegation to in fact happen.  Meaning Garage 1 must have a driver finish in the Bottom 7 of T1 in order to advance their driver who finished in the Top 7 of T2.  A driver entering free agency will maintain their status based upon the final standings, not as to whether they are resigned or going to free agency.  Upon completion of Regular Season, all Relegation Eligible drivers will be noted for the following season allowing Team Owners ample time to prepare for off-season re-signing periods.

Reinstatement of Attribute Caps

With the renaming of the tiers:

T1 – NSRS – National Simulation Racing Series (Top Tier)

T2 – STRC – Short Track Racing Championships

While in the past T1 was designated as the lowest tier, we are announcing this change immediately for clarity sake.  In addition, we are announcing the immediate implementation of attribute caps at 65 in T2.  Meaning attributes will not be permitted to go past 65 if the driver is in T2, while drivers in T1 will currently be under a 80 cap.  This is to promote competitiveness at each level as the struggles will be visible when making the jump from T2 to T1.  Drivers will be permitted to continue earn TPE for when they are promoted to a higher division.

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