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The Recap!

The Recap!

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We have had two races since the last update, so let’s take a look at the race recaps from Iowa Speedway on August 22nd as well as Richmond International Raceway on August 25th.

On August 22nd in Iowa, it was back to back race victories for John Carollo in his #3 Spotify car. Just like in the race prior, Carollo would run the race to the tune of leading 46 laps out of the 50 laps completed. Jerome Givens in his #14 Marvel Comics car would lead the over 4 laps, but it was all Carollo taking home the race lead. That would be his second win of the season.

Cooter Bigsby (#51 Bojangles), Michael Orion (#44 Cartoon Network), Jughead Jones (#88 NXT), and Spark Spencer III (#81 Gatorade) would round out the top 5 from Iowa. Only Bigsby was close as he was only 1.73 seconds behind the leader.

That leads us to the Richmond International Raceway which really had some exciting action. There were 60 laps completed, 37 led by the eventual winner Jerome Givens! Hoban Riddle (#39 Batman) was the other leader who led the remaining 23 laps.

This race was not overly exciting as every single driver would finish all 60 laps. Axel Lerate (#13 Monster) would be the big mover from the group as he started in the 39th position in Qualifying before moving up to the 17th position after finishing the races. That would be the biggest changer, gain him some extra points in the season.

George Bush (#1 Bud), Riddle, Bigsby, and Jamey Simpleton (#2 Valvoline) would round out the top 5 for the race in Richmond.

After 5 races, the top 5 racers are as follows:

  • Cooter Bigsby (781 Points) – FW Homicide
  • Spark Spencer III (-58 Points) – WM Motorsports
  • Johnson Carlson (-64 Points) – 5G Garage
  • John Carollo (-67 Points) – FW Homicide
  • Jerome Givens (-97 Points) – JRD Motorsports

All drivers will head to Bull Ring East on August 27th for that race!

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