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John Carollo wins at Phoenix

John Carollo wins at Phoenix

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John Carollo (#3 Spotify) dominated the 47 laps at the Phoenix International Raceway to take his first win of the season.

It was pure domination from the start of the race, even through qualifying as Carollo would be the #1 qualifying car, lead all 47 laps, and finishing first in the race.

This race, unlike the others, saw only 3 cars not finish the race as the field of 38 saw 35 cross the finish line. It seems like the chaos was really not part of the race this time around.

Cooter Bigsby (#51 Bojangles), Jamey Simpleton (#2 Valvoline), Spark Spencer III (#81 Gatorade), and Tigole Bitties (#73 Sam Adams) would round out the top 5 in the race. Bitties was 5 seconds behind the leader in the 5th spot.

To look at the overall standings, Cooter Bigsby is now the leader in the standings after 3 events, Spencer III in second, Jean Girard (#31 Jaegermeister) in 3rd, Simpleton in 4th, and Johnson Carlson (#36 Vortex) in the top 5 of the overall standings in the league.

Team wise, FW Homicide took the lead for the teams with 5G Garage dropping down to the #2 spot in the league. JRD Motorsports jumps up to 3rd with LT Motorsports and WM Motorsports ending in the 4th and 5th spot respectively.

The next race will be at Iowa Speedway on Thursday, August 22nd.

Facts about Iowa Speedway: Iowa Speedway is a 7/8-mile (1.4 km) paved oval motor racing track in NewtonIowa, United States, approximately 30 miles (48 km) east of Des Moines. The track was designed with influence from Rusty Wallace and patterned after Richmond Raceway.

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