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Selachii Ray takes the victory at Bristol

Selachii Ray takes the victory at Bristol

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Bristol, TN:: Chaos hits the Bristol Motor Speedway as Selachii Ray (#23 Dicks Sporting Goods) takes the win as he drives over the finish line under caution. 

This race was largely dominated by many crashes that left many in the field heading to the garage early. In fact, there were only 6 cars who were on the lead lap, with the remaining field at least 1 lap behind the leader. There were 10 cars that were retired by the end of the race, something that was common in the previous Season 1 of SCOR. The key is just that you have to avoid the crash. 

Hoban Riddle (#39 Batman) deserved better than 2nd in the race as he led 49 laps on the day moving up from the #11 qualifying position to ending 2nd in the race. It was Jean Girard (#31 Jaegermeister) that was the big mover as he moved up 30 spots from 33 qualifying to ending 3rd at the finish line. It was a great day for the LT Motorsports team as they ended with Ray and Girard in the top 3 of the race. 

Overall, as we look at the standings after the second race of the season, we see Ray, Johnson Carlson (#36 Vortex), Karl Gunnabee (#70 Bass Pro Shops), Girard, and Adam Spencer (#82 Spark Spencer III) rounding out the top standings of the year. 

For teams, we are looking at 5G Garage leading the chace with FW Homicide, LT Motorsports, JRD Motorsports, and WM Motorsports rounding out the top 5. 5G Garage and LT Motorsports have an impressive victory as well as 4 Top 5 and 6 Top 10 Finishers. 5G Garage is leading the pack with 81% of laps led. 

Each team will be looking for a return to glory as they go for the win at the Phoenix International Speedway on Sunday night August 18th. 

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