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Predicting SBA League Leaders Midway Through S40

Need help with your SBA fantasy team? JaysFan is here to predict the league leaders in each category to help you out

Predicting SBA League Leaders Midway Through S40

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Minutes – Lincoln Creek

Lincoln Creek is the star of the Rampage, and is always the primary option for their offense. In my opinion there is no way he doesn’t hold onto his lead in this category. One concern could be exhaustion though, as OKC is overworking Creek quite a bit at the moment. Hopefully he can last till the end of the year. 

Points – Jay Rich

It might be an odd selection considering the dominance of Creek, but I am going to predict that Jay Rich, the 9th year veteran from Pittsburgh, will take the scoring title. That “from Pittsburgh” is the key element for me here, as playing on a weaker team as the main scoring option should leave Rich with plenty of chances to have huge games. 

Rebounds –  Dfiza Dogbe

Going with another bold prediction here, but I can justify it. The Bullets are 2nd in the league in defensive rebounding, and Dogbe already grabs more offensive rebounds than Creek and Scott. Overcoming all-around superstar Byron Falls might be tough, but on the Bullets, I think Dogbe can manage to pull it off

Assists – Diego Rossi

This one is going to be a bit boring, but I think Rossi is just simply the best distributor in the SBA right now. He puts a lot of hours in the gym and during practice towards his passing skills, and he has two great targets to pass to in Howbahdah and Carlyle. There is no reason to think that he won’t hold onto his relatively large lead in the category.

Steals – Magnum McCoy

You probably could have predicted this quite easily at the start of the season, and can already predict it for future seasons. McCoy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and he is the unquestioned king of STOCKS at the guard position. This has really been a breakout year for McCoy so far, and we could be seeing the makings of a SGOTY soon. 

Blocks – Andrew Wall

I was very tempted to put Cole in here, but he hasn’t put the same amount of practice hours into blocking that Wall has. These two were too close to call, so when in doubt, predict the player with the most time spent on that specific skill. These two will be battling it out for DPOTY this season, and although Wall may have the edge in blocking, Cole is likely the early favorite due to his rebounding skills. 

Turnovers – Ji-Wang Xi-Chung

Well, here’s the category you don’t want to be mentioned in. Xi-Chung is the unfortunate “winner” here due to the lack of time spent focusing on his ball handling skills, already high turnover numbers (above 5 per game!) and his team. Xi-Chung is getting the ball quite a bit in the Rush offense, but that means some bad things along with good, and although Xi-Chung has been having a great year, you can’t overlook the massive amounts of turnovers.

FG% – Walter Herrmann

Here we have a player who has taken 8 three point shots in his career (making zero of them, in case you were wondering) and only one of those has been this season. Combine that with an average of only 1.5 jump shots per game, and you get a rather efficient scorer. Since Herrmann essentially only shoots from inside the paint, he is free to put up huge shooting percentages based mostly off of his ability to find easy layups and dunks. Sharkstrong is up there in this category too, but since he takes more than 3 jump shots per game, I don’t think he can keep it up. 

FT% – Kashmay Ou’Sii Howbowdah

Howbowdah has slowly been developing into a star player, and his ability to nail free throws is a big part of that. Free throws are the easiest and most efficient points you can get, so it is always great to see a player focus on them so much. Hopefully Howbowdah can turn the skill into a “flashier” one with his top level play. Creek may hold the league in this category for now, but with a severe deficit in practice hours in this area compared to Howbowdah, there is no way that he claims this title. 

3P% – Kashmay Ou’Sii Howbowdah

Finally we come to one of the most sought after categories to lead in modern basketball, and I believe Howbowdah can take his second league leader title here. Balor and Howbowdah are miles above the competition, mostly due to the fact that they are both stretch fours, and don’t shoot the same volume as guards. This means that they can take more quality shots, and less bad ones, especially as the shot clock is running out. The height doesn’t hurt either. I went Howbowdah over Balor here because of the practice hour difference, but this is one of the closest categories at the moment in my opinion.

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