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JaysFan LIVE at the S40 SBA Draft

The S40 SBA Draft looks to be the biggest event of the season. Who will go first overall?

JaysFan LIVE at the S40 SBA Draft

Tune in tonight on SSN to get live updates on what may be the most hyped draft in a long time. The Season 40 draft is sure to have the highest viewer count in years with former commissioner of the league Shane Banks returning from a long hiatus to host the event.

Pick 1 – Benjamin Chevelle – Toronto Thunderbirds

No real surprise here as the high scoring Chevelle comes off the board. He is as close as you can get to a sure thing in this draft and has a very high ceiling, making him a prototypical #1 pick. This is a player that you stick into a post position and just let him do his thing and dominate. Congrats Thunderbirds, you didn’t screw this one up.

Pick 2 – Miami Vice – Mvi Sykhailiuk

Mvi looks to be the GMs dream. He does almost everything well and is one of the few players in the draft to actually put a good amount of focus into defense. This is an all-in-one wing player that can be an anchor on both sides of the ball for the Vice going forward. Look for him to slot straight into the starting lineup for a Vice team that really needs the help.


New York Receives: Jackson Sharp III

Colorado Receives: 12th Overall Pick

I like this trade for the Rail, a later first isn’t a bad price to pay for a player who can still be a key part of a starting lineup in the SBA.

Pick 3 – Lou Cifer – Rush

Cifer can shoot and steal, and that is really what you want to see in a guard coming out of the NCAA. It is a bit abnormal for a point guard to be this good at scoring in the paint however, so it will be interesting to see how this ability translates to the SBA. The Rush have got to be happy here getting a dynamic player like this to start off their squad.


Toronto Receives: Michael McConway Jr., 14th Overall Pick and S42 Houston 2nd Round Pick

Houston Receives: Benjamin Chevelle, 11th Overall Pick and Mario Paz

Good trade for both sides here. Toronto opens a championship window and the Ravens start building what can be a sustainable dynasty. This blockbuster deal looks pretty great for both sides at the moment.

Pick 4 – Leonard Church – Mercer Island Knights

Getting the NCAA MVP at pick 4 looks very good, and Church has the raw athletics and scoring ability inside the paint to repeat his NCAA success in the big leagues. Mercer Island has three stars at the moment, and may look to use Church as a secondary player who can back up their talent and fill a gap.

Pick 5 – Bobby Buckets – Dallas Outlaws

His name isn’t a lie at all, he is there primarily to score buckets. Buckets is the second best pure scorer in the draft, making him an attractive option to build an offense around in the future. The big question mark however will be Buckets’ defense, as he hasn’t worked on it much so far and may need to do so going forward to become a top player in the SBA.


Montreal Receives: Josh McBuckets and 18th Overall

Brooklyn Receives: 6th Overall and S42 Montreal 2nd Round Pick

McBuckets is a great player who has a good bit of time left in his career, and the 18th overall pick has an outside shot at being a solid player for Montreal. I’m not quite sure what they are doing here acquiring a player later in his career, but maybe they have some big plans for free agency.

Pick 6 – Oscar Jebaseelan – Brooklyn Bullets

Jebaseelan is a pick that is pretty safe in my opinion. The dude cares about the league a lot and is always hanging around with other members to chat. Along with this, he makes a pretty damn solid player that distributes the ball better than anyone else in this draft. This is a smart pick for Brooklyn, and makes the trade they made look a bit better.


Atlanta Receives: Ben Waters

Memphis Receives: Memphis Carlyle

Well, I guess the Knights retool is starting, and this sets back the regression clock a bit. Atlanta continues to make a push for a championship.

Pick 7 – Las Vegas Jokers – Ezekiel Bridges

Bridges has proven to be a bit immature at times, but his play doesn’t lie, and he can be an impact player on the court. If the Jokers work on his attitude a bit this could be a good pick, but I have my doubts about Bridges being the centerpiece of a new team for sure. Overall a risky pick, and it could go either way for the Jokers.


Miami Receives: S41 PIT Top 5 Protected 1st Round Pick

Pittsburgh Receives: 15th Overall Pick

*Miami receives Pittsburgh’s S42 pick if the S41 is top 5.

I think Miami wins this one pretty easily, because Pittsburgh is pretty likely to be a lower ranked team in the league. I don’t know who Pittsburgh is aiming for here but they better be good if they are giving up this kind of value. This could be a disaster for Pittsburgh if that pick bounces too.

Pick 8 – Isaac Allen-Richmond – San Diego Corsairs

Allen-Richmond is a solid prospect who could have entered the league earlier but chose to stay in the NCAA as long as possible. This may have hurt his draft stock, as he was hyped up a good bit before and he is going later now. I think the Corsairs do well here for sure though, Richmond can make an impact for them.


Brooklyn Receives: Isaac Allen-Richmond, S41 OKC 1st Round Pick, Ability to S42 1st Round Pick Swap

OKC Receives: Oscar Jebaseelan

This is a pretty big price to pay to move up two spots in the draft, and although the SBA is a league where you want quality over quantity, I don’t think the quality difference between these two equals a 1st rounder and a pick swap. Brooklyn is the clear winner here.


Chicago Receives: Jordan Yates, 12th Overall Pick, COL 2nd Round Pick, ATL 2nd Round Pick

Colorado Receives: Tookie Lamont

Chicago restocks the shelves and acquires a good player for next season at the same time. They had to give up a star player to do it, but Tookie is nearing the end of his career. Colorado continues the push for a championship with this one.

Pick 9 – Gordon Lawson-Holmes – Pittsburgh Ironmen

Holmes has athletics, rebounding and inside scoring abilities, so I think he will pan out as a power forward in the future. Lawson-Holmes puts in the effort every week and wants to become a solid SBA player, and you can’t really teach that passion, so getting that at pick 9 here is a good move. Pittsburgh needs to keep ensuring that this player is a success going forward.


Colorado Receives: Benjamin Chevelle

Houston Receives: J.J. Harklewood, S42 1st Round Pick Swap

Bold move by Colorado, trading their star prospect and former top pick in Harklewood for the top pick this season in Chevelle. I’m not sure why Chevelle keeps getting passed around when he is looking like a potential future Hall of Famer already, but whatever. If I was on the Chiefs right now, I’d be weary of my spot on the team, as the concept of loyalty to players in the city seems to have been lost somewhere prior to this draft.

Pick 10 – Trevor Noah – New York Rail

A two-way stud in Noah goes way later than expected, and the Rail must be happy to snatch him up. This might be the last big player in the draft who focused a good amount on the defensive side of the ball, and a player like that can fill in on almost any team.


Chicago Receives: 11th Overall, S42 Colorado 1st (with some conditions), Mario Paz

Houston Receives: GOAT

It is really odd to see a trade between these two rivals, and this is one that boosts Houston up and makes them the definite favorite to win the SBA Championship again. Chicago continues planning for the future and the present, but time will tell if not going all in on either side of things will hurt them or not.

Pick 11 – Kendall Battle – Chicago Nightmare

Battle would have gone earlier if he didn’t have well-known attitude issues. In the past he has been known to be somewhat of a locker room cancer, but he is also a top player on the court, so maybe things can balance out here. Personally I wouldn’t risk my locker room for a player like this, but if anyone can reign him in, it is Evans.


Toronto Receives: Josh McBuckets and 18th Overall

Montreal Receives: The Pararrhexis Bros and Stockton

This is a good deal for both sides. Montreal really needed something to build around, and these two brothers will fill the big men spots for years to come. Toronto continues to open a championship window, and looks to challenge for the playoffs this season.

Pick 12 – Shooty McShootface – Philadelphia Prowlers

His name is…. interesting to say the least, but McShootface is a solid scorer and active member of the league, and that is something you are always happy to see this late in the draft. You can’t go wrong here I guess, especially when it will cause a jersey sales spike.

Pick 13 – Barry Allen Taylor – Atlanta Vipers

Taylor is the best distributor in the draft, and the Vipers need a guy like that to feed their lineup of top scorers. Taylor should make some noise off the bench as Atlanta attempts to compete for a championship this season. I always like a good distributor so I like this pick.


Los Angeles Receives: Cameron Millwall, Simon King Jr.

Houston Receives: Kevin Culpepper, Muggsy McMillan, Janus Romulus

Millwall is nice, I’m not sure why Houston wants to dump him, probably cap, but whatever. This is an odd trade for sure.

Pick 14 – Xavier Vernon – Mercer Island Knights

Vernon being so tall puts him behind in training a bit, and I don’t think the tradeoff is worth it considering he is a center, but Vernon was a 20 PPG/9 RPG kind of player in the NCAA, and could maybe dominate in those categories in the SBA. Needs to work on his all-around game though.


Atlanta Receives: Richard Shaft and 26th Overall

LA Receives: Edmond Rayful and S41 PHI 1st

Rayful was looking great until the recent announcement that his agent was banned, and Atlanta had no more room for him. Shaft helps them out now, and keeps Atlanta moving towards being a serious contender. After all these moves, watch out SBA, the Vipers are coming.

Pick 15 – Nylon Williamson – Pittsburgh Ironmen

Nylon can score, and he has raw athleticism. You can say that about a million draft prospects so he doesn’t really stand out. He’s pretty active in the league it seems though, I bet he is gonna be a good 6th man option in the future.

Pick 16 – Anthony Diaz – Miami Vice

Diaz passes and scores well and managed to nab a Point Guard of the Year award in the NCAA last year. His defense also shows some promise with some solid stealing numbers. I don’t know how an award winner went so late, maybe there is something I am not seeing here, but the Vice look to have picked a steal.


LA Receives: 18th Overall Pick

Toronto Receives: Edmond Rayful

Well, Toronto gets a 6th man, having a non-freak at the spot may not be ideal, but its better than nothing right?

Pick 17 – Jaron Flores – OKC Rampage

For the amount of training Flores put in, this is a really late spot to be picked at. Another steal here, and possibly the biggest one of the draft if Flores keeps training. I like this one 100% and see Flores with great potential as a distributor.

Pick 18 – Feed TheBeast – LA Rush

Beast was my darkhorse candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, so it goes without saying that I like this pick as well. This makes the Rayful trade worth it and then some in my eyes. This is the kind of player you want as a future 6th man.


Pittsburgh Receives: 39th Overall Pick

Chicago Receives: Arthur Ugo-Nit

Well…. ummm…. this is a trade, that’s for sure. I don’t know why this happened, or why Ugo-Nit has any value, but you do you Chicago.

Pick 19 – Hamp Doutrive – Chicago Nightmare

The first filler player of the draft here, and it is a very efficient one. Doutrive had 22.4 PPG for Virginia last season and shot just above 43% from three point range. This is what you look for in a filler.

Pick 20 – Plageuis TheWise – Houston Ravens

Another filler, this time a filler that was probably one of the best blockers in NCAA history, but didn’t do much else. Solid depth option, not much else. His offense will be very negative in the big leagues.


Atlanta Receives: S42 MIK 1st Rounder

Mercer Island Receives: Tega Enaibe and S42 ATL 1st Rounder

Alright, Tega is decent, and Atlanta needs cap room I guess. Good job MIK, this helps you restock a bit.


Montreal Receives: PHI S42 1st Rounder



Brooklyn Receives: Alvar Aalto

Philadelphia Receives: John Connor and 25th Overall Pick

Aalto was a candidate for NCAA 6th Man of the Year, so maybe he can make a small impact here. I guess its worth a shot for Brooklyn.

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