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Inferno Name New GM

Inferno Name New GM

After another soul-crushing defeat from the postseason, Alex Sheppard, General Manager of the Arizona Inferno, has decided to part ways with the organization. During his five year tenure, the Inferno managed four post season appearances, including those famous two first-round exits as the first overall seed. The past season was their most successful, but Alex has decided to hand over the reins to the new GM Glenn Fuego. Not much is known of this new GM, but he looks to keep this team contending.


Here is a transcript of his first press conference:

“First thing that I did when I took over is looked over what assets we have. Not having a first round pick for two seasons is rough, but I intend to maintain a competitive roster for a season or two. With that, two first rounders hopefully would be near the bottom of the draft anyway.  The current roster is filled with some massive talent.

It’s easy to look at the season Troy Simmins had last season and know that you have a star. He put up near MVP level stats last season, and he still has three more until he hits veteran status. I’d like to build as much as I can around him while this team can stay competitive. He’s one of the most elite players in the league right now, and I definitely want to focus on that.

I definitely have to give Alex credit for getting a two-year contract on Walter Herrmann. His defensive presence was one of the primary reasons for finally making it past the first round. The Twin Bins are now one of the most dynamic duos in the SBA right now. I’m excited to see them play out this season and see if that blocking record can be broken.

When the organization heard about the GM swap, Adrian Columbus’s agent approached me to tell me that Adrian only wanted to retire in Arizona or Brooklyn, where he started his career. I will admit to talking to the Brooklyn GM, but there was a tight cap space on both sides. It’s definitely an honor to have him here though. He’s a great locker room guy, and he’s still a solid role player in his tenth season.

Finally, we have Stephen Sheppard in his 9th season. Coming off of an incredible season, he will still provide a pivotal role in this core. He was a highly sought after player, but his talent and personality was much more interesting than any offer that I received. I don’t expect him to be a shell of his former self. 

We are one key piece away from being an absolute contender next season. I’m hoping to land a specific free agent that would really solidify this core. I won’t get into too many specifics here, but if you’ve paid attention to the roster, you can maybe figure it out.”

These are exciting times for Arizona. The team has certainly had regular season success under Alex Sheppard, but perhaps a change in personnel will be exactly what the team needs to make it to the finals.

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