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EFL S14 Team Draft Recaps

EFL S14 Team Draft Recaps


Memphis Mambas

The Mambas opened up their draft class by using their first round pick on wide receiver Mr. Cornholio. Wide receiver wasn’t an immediate need for the Mambas, but it will be one soon with their current receivers aging. This was furthered with a draft day trade they made to move back to swap Terrence Fitzgerald-Cruz for Sunshine Titan, who will provide a short term upgrade but is closer to regression. As the Mambas current receivers age, Cornholio will be ready to step up as their new top receiver in a few seasons. They used their second round pick to select linebacker Jackson Gser who will be able to supplement their linebacker corps and will help them deal with the retirement of Carl Lemmington at the end of the season. The Mambas also had the deepest draft class, making selections all the way in to the sixth round and adding Waffler Goodpancake, Filler McFillerface, Ja’Fron Judge, and Barney Gorman in the later rounds.



Miami Neptune

The Neptune already have a pretty well rounded roster, so they used their first round pick to select a new kicker and brought in Diana Gunner. The Neptune know the value of a good kicker as Hall of Fame kicker Bryce Larkin played an important role in some of their past championship runs. Now Gunner will set them up with another top tier kicker for the future. The Neptune also traded in to the second round to select wide receiver Khobe Karter. With Brian Kowalski facing regression, Karter will give the Neptune a young receiver ready to step up as Kowalski ages. 



New York Herd

The Herd used the draft to build up their secondary with an impressive cornerback duo for the future. They used their first round pick to select Casey Archer, who was viewed as the top overall prospect in the draft but could only be selected by the Herd due to general manager connections. They were also able to add Jax Byrd at the end of the second round, who was vied as the second overall prospect in the draft from a talent perspective but fell due to potential character concerns. If both players continue their current development, the Herd will have the best cornerback duo in the league in a few seasons. The Herd also selected wide receiver Matthew Stanton at the end of the third round to add some new wide receiver depth after the departure of Dan Wilinsky in free agency. 



Wisconsin Brigade

The Brigade followed up the draft’s first selection by taking another cornerback with the second pick and taking Lester McCorn #2 overall. McCorn will be able to start right away with the departure of Michael Raine in free agency and will give the Brigade a younger player in the secondary to build around for the future. The Brigade had two second round picks which they used to select kicker Johnny Greg and linebacker Ekong Okafor. Greg will fill an immediate need for them since they didn’t previously have a kicker on the roster and Okafor will allow them to add another player to their already young linebacker group and look to build a top linebacker unit for the future. 



Los Angeles Reign

The Reign did not have a pick in the first round, but made a trade to move up for two higher picks in the second round which they used to select running back Duke Starscream and fullback Thormond Jakobsen. These are interesting selections as the Reign had a league low 38 rushing attempts last season. These players could signal that the Reign are looking to reintegrate the running game to their offense next season or perhaps they are looking to supplement their passing game further by using these two in receiving roles. The Reign also added some depth by continuing to pick in the later rounds and adding Bartholomew Blojo and Hassan Halafula. However, the most interesting pick to watch from their draft may be quarterback Max Byrd. Byrd fell due to a lack of need for quarterbacks around the league, so the Reign were able to get him in the fifth round. John Smith won MVP this season, but his development has slowed down recently. This pick could turn out to be a big steal if Byrd is able to overtake Smith and become a starting quarterback in a few seasons. 



New Orleans Kraken

The biggest addition from the Kraken’s draft class was cornerback JJ Hendrix, who they selected with the #1 overall pick in the draft. Hendrix provides them with a young cornerback who can immediately slide in to a starting spot across from Brandon Blade and give them a young corner to build around as Blade nears regression. After that pick they traded back twice for future picks and to acquire running back Jan Karol Chodkiewicz. The only other selection they made in the draft was to select linebacker Sans Skeleton who can provide some support to their linebacker unit which currently looks depleted outside of Mike McBuckets. 



San Antonio Wolfpack

The Wolfpack used their first round pick to add wide receiver TJ Hendrix and brought in another wide receiver by selecting Quinton Reeves in the third round. They also swapped Sunshine Titan for the younger receiver Terrence Fitzgerald-Cruz as part of a trade that allowed them to jump back into the end of the first round. With their previous wide receivers aging, the Wolfpack focused on bringing in some younger weapons to help build around their young quarterback who they drafted last season. They also added youth to their secondary as they used their second first round pick to select cornerback Luke Cafferty and took safety Nick Vandal in the third round.



Seattle Predators

The Predators had the smallest draft class in the EFL this season, adding just one player in the draft. Their lone draft pick was the #5 overall selection in the draft, which they used to take running back Boaty McBoatface. The Predators already have an established starter at running back in Reginald Sharkstrong, so they may be planning to flex McBoatface out to the wide receiver position which is still a need for them even after adding Dan Wilinsky in free agency. This pick could also be made with an eye to the future as McBoatface could take over the running position after Sharkstrong retires or could give them a chance to keep their running backs fresh by using a running back by committee system. 

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